VCUarts Unique Majors

VCUarts has so many great majors to offer, some of which you might not even know about. VCU News is giving you a glimpse into Communication Arts and Product Innovation, offered by the DaVinci Center.

“Communication arts is focused not just on creating the work, but getting it out to the world,” she said. “They teach us about client relations and how to have a professional presence. We are taught a lot of business principles.”

Communication arts graduates are “illustrators, artists and designers that function a great deal like a service dedicated to adding value to the projects of others,” said TyRuben Ellingson, assistant professor and department chair.

Students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds come to the da Vinci Center to refine product and service development skills, said Garret Westlake, Ph.D., director of the da Vinci Center, a collaboration of VCU’s schools of the Arts, Business and Engineering and the College of Humanities and Sciences.

“The MPI program is designed to provide an applied educational experience in product innovation from multiple perspectives,” Westlake said. “The program is particularly valuable to entrepreneurs looking to validate their ideas and move them into the market. It is also designed for returning professionals to build on their corporate innovation experience to develop the next generation of product and project managers, and designers.”

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Image: Hilton Bennett, Chris Brady and Michael Mahoney, Master of Product Innovation students in the VCU da Vinci Center, are working together to explore the commercial potential of an air pump attachment that effectively doubles the volume of air supplied and cuts in half the time required to inflate objects such as rafts, air mattresses and bounce castles. Photo by Kevin Morley, University Marketing, for VCU News.



April 6, 2018