VCUarts Qatar graduate plans to expand business globally

Maryam Fahad Al-Majid, a 2018 VCUarts Qatar graduate, has used the skills she acquired during her time in school to expand her gift wrapping business globally.

Al-Majid, whose main priority so far has been to complete her studies and obtain her degree, believes hard work, dedication, and passion are three components that form the basis of any successful business, and that the time has now come to expand her business internationally.

“My immediate plan following graduation is to take my business, ‘Wrapping Station,’ to a global level. I want to showcase to the world that wrapping is an art and not just covering gifts with paper or fabric. With the enthusiasm and passion I put into my work, I hope for my business to continue flourishing; it’s part of my bigger dream,” said Al-Majid.

“All that I’ve learned in these four years has translated into the work I produce today, both as a fashion designer and businesswoman. With a single touch, I’m now able to tell whether or not a piece of fabric is stiff enough to hold a bow in place. Even when it comes to choosing specific colors, for example, those that are peaceful or those that make you feel a certain way, take gift wrapping or arrangements to another level,” said Al-Majid.

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Image: Senior collection by Maryam Fahad Al-Majid, as shown at the VCUarts 2018 Fashion Show, ‘Momentum.’


May 8, 2018