VCUarts Qatar Comes to Richmond

VCU Qatar Day was November 1 in the University Student Commons in Richmond, Virginia.

Hundreds of students, faculty and staff attended the eighth annual Qatar Day at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Monroe Park Campus Nov. 1, an event that brings VCUarts Qatar to Richmond.

The annual event strengthens the relationship between the Qatar and Richmond campuses while providing each campus’ students and faculty with an opportunity to learn more about each other.

This year, organizers held a special preview event, Majlis, on the MCV Campus the day before the flagship celebration.

Majlis is an arabic word that means “lounge,” said Sarah Faheem, student activities and engagement officer at VCUarts Qatar.

“This is our way of integrating the Qatar culture into the MCV Campus so that people here know about the sister campus in Qatar,” she said. “We usually have a big Qatar Day at the Student Commons and everyone knows about it, but Majlis is a bit of a smaller event. This is the first time we’re doing it at the MCV Campus in the hopes that our medical students feel a little more included.”

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Photo: A VCU Richmond student holds up a card with her name written in Arabic calligraphy. Credit via Kevin Morley of University Marketing for VCU News.


November 6, 2017