VCUarts Music student Shy Lennox recently released his album “Audition,” which featured his deep voice over smooth synthesizers and slow, clicky percussion, experimenting with the traditional R&B landscape.

Lennox started making music after he got to VCU when he met Andrew Brown — also known as captain pizza on SoundCloud — whom Lennox called his “executive producer.”

“Halloween night, freshman year, me and my friends were walking past some house and they were playing music and I was like ‘Yo, that’s a dope song, happy Halloween,’” Lennox said. “And there was this immediate bro chemistry.”

The two started playing the guitar and singing together. That interaction turned into Lennox’s first single, “Afterblunts,” he said.

“Afterblunts” has garnered nearly 300,000 streams on Spotify. Lennox has high hopes that his next album, featuring six new songs, will see similar numbers.

“Now that I’m finally buckling down and creating a body of work, I think that this may be what I need to get my fanbase out there,” Lennox said. “I feel like this is what’s gonna make me pop.”

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September 21, 2018