VCUarts Fashion Show is Runway Ready

Virginia Living magazine offered a preview of the 2018 VCUarts fashion show.

This year’s theme, “Momentum,” represents “taking the skills students have learned and applying them to their designs and their future careers in a way that translates their growth in the program,” says student director Maddy Murrow.

This show is the culmination of the students’ college career, says Murrow, adding that some students entered the program as sophomores not knowing how to sew and are now producing wearable items.

Collections—comprising four to five items for seniors and three for juniors—include works such as dramatic jackets, classic jumpsuits and fashion-forward menswear. Senior student Kathy Schraf’s entire collection is upcycled, created from found clothing.

The VCUarts juried fashion show, “Momentum,” is in the Train Shed of the Main Street Train Station on May 10 at 8 pm. Seating ends promptly at 7:40 pm.

Read the full article in Virginia Living.

Image: Steven Casanova.


May 10, 2018