The Elephant Man – February 2012

The Elephant Man – February 2012

Written by Bernard Pomerance • Directed by Casey Biggs

What is normal? Do you feel different? John Merrick looks different. So grotesquely deformed that women faint in horror at the sight of him. In the world of 1880’s Victorian England’s freak shows  Dr. Federick Treves rescues John Merrick, the Elephant Man. Brought to a hospital for analysis, Merrick is discovered to be a highly intelligent, sensitive and artistic man. Forever a prisoner of his malformed body, his horrific appearance in fact opens a door to a society he could only dream of. Based on fact,  this Tony award-winning play, explores the notion of what and who is normal and how in a world of hypocrisy we may be persuaded  to question our own quality of mercy.