Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Graduating from the Craft/Material Studies department in 2007, artists and now husband-and-wife team Erin and Grant Garmezy have collaborated in and out of the studio. Since establishing Garmezy Glass in 2011, the couple has lectured, demonstrated and taught glassblowing in Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Scotland and throughout the United States.

In 2015, Grant was named one of the 10 most successful graduates of the last decade by VCU. In 2016, their collaborative piece Desert Blossom was featured on the cover of Glass Art Magazine. In 2018, the pair are scheduled to demonstrate in Valencia, Spain, teach at Pilchuck Glass School and debut a new series of work in Manhattan.

Says Erin, the director of admissions at VCUarts, “VCUarts not only taught us how to work with an incredibly difficult medium, but also how to express ideas confidently and thoughtfully. To us, the life of an artist means travel, adventure, excitement, and best of all—working with your best friend.”

Image: The Garmezys at a public demonstration at Hollywood Hot Glass in Hollywood, Florida. Photo by Zac Gorell.


December 12, 2017