Tuition + Fees

2018 Tuition and Additional Fees:


Tuition includes a room and all meals.

Additional Fees:

  • Weekend Art Adventures: Tuition does not include Art Adventure Weekend courses. Students select their Art Adventure courses after admission into the Program. Please visit Art Adventure Weekends for additional information. Fee: $50 for 8 hours of instruction per weekend.
  • Supplies: Most majors have a required supply list, especially the Drawing, Sculpture and Painting courses. Please visit What To Bring for course-specific supply lists.
  • Parking: Students who bring a vehicle will be required to pay for parking in advance. Fee: $60 for the three weeks.
  • Recreational Sports: Students may subscribe for a membership to the Cary Street Gym during the Summer Intensive. Fee: $20 for the three weeks.
  • Note: Additional Fees subject to change.