Student Testimonials

“The program was absolutely inspiring! I wanted to let you know that I recently submitted an application to the National YoungArts Competition and was named a National Winner! I will be in Miami this January as one of twenty-five visual artists invited to YoungArts Week for Final Adjudication. Over 10,000 high school students applied, and only 170 were named National Winners. Three of the seven pieces I submitted were made during the Intensive Program, so I really can’t thank you enough for such an amazing experience!

Thanks again,
Victoria Gebert, 2D/3D Portfolio Development
Princeton, NJ

“I really enjoyed the VCU Summer Intensive. I learned a lot and had so much fun meeting new people. The counselors were great… I hope to be accepted to VCU’s Art program. Thank you for the opportunity this summer.”

Erin Copeland, 2D Portfolio Development Student
Petersburg, VA

“I was in Richmond last summer during the VCU Summer Intensive in Fashion. I want to thank you for getting me excited about the undergraduate program in fashion at VCU. As a junior art/fashion student in high school, I am preparing myself and my portfolio to apply to VCU. I have attended other pre-college programs in fashion and I want to tell you that my experiences at VCU were the best! I enjoyed going to the botanical gardens to take pictures and then using those ideas to make my inspiration board and outfit. I loved using the industrial sewing machines and being in that creative environment on campus! Thank you again for making my experience at VCU a memorable one!”

Sara Clarken
Lorton, VA

alexis giger

Via the The Charlotte Observer:

While attending a fashion design program at Virginia Commonwealth University over the summer, Alexis said, she had her epiphany: “I could combine my love of fashion with this environmental message on a blog.”

The idea was sparked by the ecology unit in her biology class last year, she said, which covered issues like peak oil, deforestation and habitat destruction. “I started thinking about what I could do to stop the wastefulness in my immediate community,” she said. “It has changed the way I look at basic everyday activities and how I can change little things to reduce waste.”

Alexis Giger
Charlotte, NC

“I have learned so much from Paul [Thulin] over these last few weeks.  It’s truly incredible.  He is always willing to answer my questions or help me in any way. The projects he conducts are wonderful; each project introduces me to a new type of photography.  He also approaches the class in a very organized manner.  Paul has the perfect balance of authority, humor and mentorship.  Through his projects and guidance, Paul has pushed me to grow as an artist and under his direction I have gained tremendous artistic motivation.”

Emily Corning, Photography Student
Pakkret, Thailand

“Our teachers were all amazing.  They gave us support and lots of useful information.  I had such an amazing experience and relationships with all my professors – they would be the reason to come back and/or go the VCU.  Thank you for everything! The student/teacher ratio was ideal.”

Eliah English, Photography Student
Doha, Qatar

“He [Paul Thulin] helped each student grow in their own individual way.  He understood how we wanted to grow and knew how to help us achieve that growth.”

Gabrielle Levy, Photography Student
Coral Springs, FL

“This whole experience was phenomenal. I loved having such down to earth professors and such an amazing group of friends and counselors. Thanks so much for the great experience!”

-Jordan Robitaille, Theatre
Massanutten, VA

“I have more confidence in myself and I am confident that I will pursue this for my career.”

-Tommy Callan, Theatre
Richmond, VA

“I just wanted to let you know that I had the best time at VCU this summer and learned so much. That was the best experience of my life. I have just started school and am working on my portfolio to apply. Thank you so much for everything.”

-Moses Moore, 2D/3D Fine Arts Portfolio Development
Roanoke, VA

“After attending the Summer Intensive I really, really want to go to VCU. I’m in love with the Fine Arts Building.”

-Caroline Cheslak, 2D/3D Fine Arts Portfolio Development
Yorktown, VA

“I learned so much about the field of fashion. The Intensive aided me in choosing which career path I intend to follow.”

-Kelsey Tolson, Fashion Design and Merchandising
Manassas, VA

“Gaining new perspectives on the work of others and artists in my field has compelled me to do better work. I also understand movement in kinetic imaging a lot better.”

-Brandon Denmark, Animation
Freeport, NY

“I feel that when I leave this camp, I will be able to make a good movie.”
Filmmaking Student

“Best camp ever. Don’t change!”

-Michael “Spike” Scarberry, Filmmaking Student
Midlothian, VA