Parent Testimonials

“My daughter recently participated in the digital photography portion of the Summer Intensive. She had a wonderful experience, and hated for it to end! Thanks to you and your staff for a job well done.

She was a finalist for the Governor’s School in North Carolina for art and was disappointed when she wasn’t selected. You will be happy to know that on the drive home she told me that she was so glad she didn’t get into Governor’s School!

As a rising senior, she now has the task of selecting a university. Her longtime first choice in North Carolina now has some competition in Virginia. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity!”

-Nancy Cress, Mother of Digital Photography Student
Concord, NC

“I wanted to let you know that having (my daughter) go all the way back east to Richmond was well worth the investment and a wonderful experience for her. She loved VCU, her roommate, and the program content. Also, she apparently had a wonderful counselor, which makes all the difference. We will talk as a family, but I think she will come back next summer and try photography. Thank you for answering all of my questions and being patient with me over the past three months.

Your program is truly first-rate, appeared to be very well organized and I never felt uncomfortable with her being in Richmond.”

-Charlie Osaki, Father of Graphic Design Student

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. My son loved VCU! He had such a great experience. He may want to attend next summer.
Thank you again,”

-Debra Pastore, Mother of Digital Filmmaking Student
Miller Place, NY

“My granddaughter just completed the VCUarts Summer Intensive. Her experiences during the three weeks, and the knowledge she gained, are immeasurable. I couldn’t have invested my money any better way.

…The website, the information packets, the check-in procedures were all thorough and easy to follow. If there was ever a question, an e-mail or phone call to Dr. Gregory was promptly returned. Everything went so smoothly. One last comment, the counselors were awesome, and ever vigilant. Job well done!”

-Cary Fisher, Grandmother of a 2D Portfolio Development Program Student
Richmond, VA

“Our daughter has been talking non-stop about how wonderful the VCU Summer Intensive Program was, and her mother and I cannot express our gratitude enough for including her in this program. She is in love with VCU. She is passionate about wanting to pursue an education in Fine Arts there. To have won her over both socially and academically is something your program should be extremely proud of. We recommend the program as we talk to parents of other aspiring art students.”

-Martin Paul, Father of 2D Portfolio Development Student
Vienna, VA

“The program was better than any educational consultant I could have hired. The three weeks at the summer intensive clarified my daughter’s passion for acting and her full-time contact with the course instructors erased her doubts about a potential career in performance. Thank you!”

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all that you and your staff did for Louis over the past three weeks. Not only did you all teach him the arts, but you took care of him as well. He absolutely loved the program, and he and the other kids are missing it sorely. I cannot thank you enough. I can only hope that the rest of Louis’s educational experiences go this well. He is making returning to VCU as a full-time student his number one priority this year. Thank you again.”

– Andrea Fisher, Mother of Photography Student
Norfolk, VA

“I just thought that you might like to hear about the great start to the school year Kristin has had. She has begun her junior year. When her Art teacher saw a series of 3 paintings she did at home after the intensive, the teacher moved Kristin up to AP Art. She is the only junior that her school has placed in AP Art. She really improved during those weeks at VCU this past summer! Thank you and have a great year!”

Cathy Hutton, Mother of 2D Portfolio Development Program student
Phoenix, MD

“She not only had a fabulous time, but it confirmed her desire to pursue Fashion Design and Merchandising – hopefully at VCU.”

– Sam Corliss, Father of Fashion Design and Merchandising Student
Newport Beach, CA

“She said that your program challenged her, kept her busy, allowed her to find out more about VCU compared to other design school programs, and let her have fun while working in her chosen field. She loved working on the commercial sewing machines and being allowed to be her creative self. She has nothing but rave reviews about her whole experience! Thanks so much for all of your efforts in making the Summer Intensive a worthwhile experience for our daughter.”

– Jodi Clarken, Mother of Fashion Design and Merchandising Student
Lorton, VA

“Thank you for providing such a positive experience for Nick this summer. He enjoyed the team of instructors and counselors, and made new friends. As a rising senior, it was a benefit for him to experience life on campus. I was glad to hear that he got to interact with instructors and students in other disciplines. Mostly, it was his professor, Jake Dodd, who provided the direction and encouragement that made the three weeks successful. Again, thanks and please extend my appreciation to your staff and especially Professor Dodd.”

– Diane Reale, Mother of Filmmaking Student
Midlothian, VA

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for such smooth sailing on the weekend travel arrangements. Everything went according to plan. Shannon is really enjoying the program and was thrilled when her drawings made it into the Locker 50B exhibit in her first week! Thanks again for all your hard work and good planning.”

– Deborah McGregor, Mother of 2D Portfolio Development (Drawing and Painting) Program
Vienna, VA

“Our daughter attended the Summer Intensive in Fashion, and we wanted to let you know how much she enjoyed the program. She found the classes to be interesting, fun and challenging, and she thought the professors, teaching assistants and counselors were great and helpful. She was interested in VCU before attending the Summer Intensive, but VCU has moved to the top of her list based upon her experience at the Summer Intensive. Thanks to you and the entire staff of the Summer Intensive for operating such a terrific program.”

– Don and Sue Goldrosen, Parents of Fashion Design and Merchandising Student
Fairfax, VA

“I wanted to commend you and the counselors for the excellent job you all did to make check in so easy. Everyone was so organized, helpful and friendly. Thank you so much!”

– Christine Mosley, Mother of Filmmaking Student
Arlington, VA

“Thank you for the wonderful Summer Intensive program. My daughter had a great time and it proved to be a valuable learning experience for her – art-wise and college-wise. She was sad to leave at the end. We all came away from this program impressed with VCU in general and with the School of the Arts in particular. Thanks again!”

– Kathy McLeod
Herndon, VA

“I have had numerous discussions with my daughter about the 2D/3D classes and she has so many wonderful things to share about the Sculpture classes and the instructors. It appears as though you guys have changed her life in just a few short days…you guys are truly making a difference!”

– Tracy Walters
Richmond, VA

“What a WONDERFUL experience my son had at Summer Intensive. It was a pivotal experience and has helped him focus his interest on studying image making in college. He will be applying to the VCUarts Program and it’s his number 1 college choice. I’m grateful that he had the opportunity to sample the program before committing. Now we’ll keep fingers crossed that his application is competitive with the many great students who are also attracted to your school!”

– Ariel Skelley Mother of Filmmaking student
Richmond, VA

“She has untethered enthusiasm and is already hoping to return next year!… has rekindled her vision to start a photography club and asked for a studio lighting kit for Christmas.”

– Mira Moehrke
Jacksonville, NC

“While checking in, how great it was that you were there greeting students and their families. You make yourself so available and are so easy to talk with…thank you for making this a wonderful program for everyone involved.”

-Cathy Horton
Charlottesville, VA

“As a parent, I could not have asked for anything more from a program. Kate acquired skills from professionals, had the opportunity to spend three weeks clarifying her college major, and made friends with young adults who share her passion.”

-Christine Llewellyn
Williamsburg, VA

“Rebecca had such a wonderful experience last year in her photography summer course that she not only wants to go back this year, but VCU is also, at the moment, her first choice college. By the way, Rebecca was THRILLED to learn the course was extended to 3 weeks.

One of the most impressive things about last summer was the Program Director’s accessibility and helpfulness. The whole program seemed very personal as a result. As much as Rebecca loved her two weeks at (another arts college) there was no comparison with VCU. Great job.”

-Kristen Henderson
Charlotte, NC

“The experience was invaluable for Beth. Her young life was changed by her experience this summer at the VCUarts Summer Intensive Program. The opportunity to focus on what she loves, mixing with her peers, in a setting away from home has given her such confidence and a renewed passion for her art. The opportunity to spend time with other students who share the same passion was invaluable, and made her realize her dreams are indeed within reach. The instruction was superb. Beth was challenged as she has never been challenged before.”

-Margie Hertzler
Raleigh, NC

“Just wanted to let you know how much Kara enjoyed the program in Fashion Design and Merchandising this summer at VCU. It was a wonderful introduction into the world of fashion and has reaffirmed her desire to work in the field, although maybe not as a designer but in another capacity. Thanks again for a wonderful summer program!”

-Barbara Copley
Richmond, VA

“Our daughter, Laura, enjoyed your summer arts intensive. She especially enjoyed learning that she could act for the camera and not just on stage and she loved learning to perform stage combat (especially with the whip!).

It has been so rewarding for us as parents to watch our daughter grow and mature as a student, performer and person….I see her going through auditions and interviews with much more competence and confidence because of this experience.”

-Debbie Hix
Huntersville, NC