Summer is the time for vacations, relaxing and getting some well-deserved R & R. And while our artists are hopefully getting to do SOME of that this summer, they’re also as busy as ever! In just the last few weeks, we’ve come across some awesome stories that we’re shouting from the mountain top! Okay, we’re shouting it from the Pollak rooftop. Okay, we’re shouting it over the internet, same thing. Take a timeout and read about some of the amazingness our alumni and faculty have been getting themselves into.


Emily Herr Gets Kudos from Style Weekly
Communication Arts alumnus Emily Herr has been hyped by Style Weekly for being a female force in Richmond’s mural movement. Her work currently appears on Patterson Avenue surrounding Chesapeake Bank’s construction site, and her summer project is mural outside of New Normal Apparel in Jackson Ward (co-founded by Kelley Blanchard, a Sculpture + Extended Media alumna).


Hyperallergic Highlights New Dominion Exhibition
A critical look at the “New Dominion” exhibition at Mixed Greens in Chelsea, Hyperallergic covered the show, which stars Richmond. Some of the works highlighted include Sonya Clark’s (Craft/Material Studies chair) “Unraveling,” where the Confederate flag is being unraveled thread by thread, Hope Ginsberg’s (Art Foundation associate professor) “Land Dive,” where divers sit on shore in full scuba gear for group mediation, and John Freyer’s (Photography & Film assistant professor) “Free Ice Water,” a participatory art project with the intention to provoke real, meaningful conversations.


An Artist’s Before-And-After Drawings Highlighted by HuffPo
After his sketches made their way around the internet, The Huffington Post reported on Noah Bradley and the progress he’s made throughout his artistic career. Post graduation, Bradley accomplished his goals of working on a commission for Dungeons & Dragons and later for Magic: The Gathering. He went on to create his own fantasy world, The Sin of Man.


VCUarts Takes Over 1708 Gallery 10 x 10 Series
Community Room, founded by Grace Huddleston (PAPR) and Rachel Ludwig (alumni), is the latest artist collaboration to take over 1708 Gallery during its 10 x 10 series. Community Room’s project, Dog Days, will have performances and other live art events throughout the week featuring EVEN MORE of our artists, including Dana Ollestad, Malcom Peacok and Molly Roberts (among others). RVA News showed the group some love; the article uses stills from a teaser video by Janelle Proulx, a Photography & Film alumna (further, Proulx has a piece with Ollestad at The Depot Gallery in its latest exhibition, “The Gold Standard: Graduates of the Last Decade”).


Theodore Taylor Illustrates for Shaquille O’Neal
Communication Arts alumnus Theodore Taylor is the illustrator behind Shaquille O’Neal’s “Little Shaq” book series. The first book goes on sale October 6 of this year, with two more books following in the series. Another project coming down the pipe for Taylor is Rappin’ Ricky, a collaborative project with F. Stokes funded on KickStarter. The purpose of Rappin’ Ricky is to educate, entertain and empower school-aged children. The original $25,000 fundraising goal was intended to go towards a music catalog, videos and ebooks. The project officially launched June 1, which raised over $31,000.


July 14, 2015