Students Get a Boost from Internship Grants

VCUarts students’ best learning experiences aren’t limited to the classroom—internships can often jump-start an entire career. This past summer, VCUarts helped 13 students participate in internships across the U.S., where they did everything from shadow freelance photographers to work in corporate style firms.

Craft/Material Studies senior 
Wing Hei Cheng headed to Colorado to intern with custom furniture maker Silver Thread Wood Works and Paul Orr Construction. Together, they built a 1,800-square-foot log home. Cheng was tasked with framing, roofing, painting, staining, deck building, flooring, and the installation of windows, doors, cabinets, drywall and trim work.

Fashion Merchandising major Kelly Martin interned with Mara Hoffman, joining the luxury designer’s wholesale team for the busy summer shopping season. Martin helped to set up the New York showroom for visiting buyers, handling sales, data entry and sample filing.

The VCUarts Internship Grant Program provides our students with the extra financial boost they need to say “yes” to their dream internship, helping them to expand their professional experience and grow their network.

November 17, 2017