April 11, 2013
YouTube Needs Some Love!

The VCUarts YouTube page is only as good as you make it. Please consider sending your class project videos (less than 10 minutes in length) to Dawn Waters at for inclusion on our YouTube channel.  Please include a short description and what class the video came from. Thanks!    

October 02, 2012
Fellow Student Needs Survey Responses!

The following message is from Angeline Yang, an Interior Design senior.  She is currently working on her senior thesis and needs to collect some research data.  If you could take a few minutes to help her out, it would be great!  Here’s her message (and feel free to share this)!: Hello, I would really appreciate

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September 10, 2012
Kickstarter VCUarts Curated Site

Hello, Matt Woolman, our Director of Creative Entrepreneurship, is working with Kickstarter to establish a “curated page” for VCUarts projects. For example, RISD: To build a case for this, he would like to list all the Kickstarter campaigns our students have launched. If you have launched a project, Matt would need a description and

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March 21, 2012
Help out a fellow student! Fill out a survey!

Dear Undergrads, Please see the email below from one of your peers.  They are progressing towards the finish line with the competition and need your feedback by filling out a survey, below. Thanks so much, I wish them luck! My name is Moria Pruefer and I’m a senior from the Communication Arts department. My friend

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