August 21, 2015
Graduate School Mentorship Program: Mentee Application due Sept 1st @ 4pm

2015-2016 Graduate School Mentorship Program Announcement and Call for Mentee Applications The Graduate School is pleased to announce a call for applications to the 2015-2016 Graduate School Mentorship Program (GSMP). The GSMP matches undergraduate and graduate students in mentoring relationships in order to expose undergraduate students to the graduate experience as they consider further study

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February 04, 2015
You Can’t Have Solutions Without Problems

You know, even though you represent 16 different departments and programs, you actually have a lot in common.  It crossed my mind yesterday, when I walked past this bike, that you’re all problem solvers.  In a major way.  You solve problems such as how to move an idea from your mind to the world, how to communicate

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September 23, 2014
Overcoming Fear (Terror)

Do you have fears?  I do.  Mountain biking terrifies me.  Even thinking about it makes my heart race a little bit.  What’s strange about that is I actually love being active in a conventional way.  I run half marathons.  My favorite way to get an endorphin rush is to cycle though a pace line on

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