Interdisciplinary Courses: Fall 2017

Published on August 17, 2017

If you are looking for an additional course outside of your major, there’s some great options below. Please find these courses online on the schedule of classes, and if you have questions please reach out directly to the instructor. Enjoy!

Working Your Arts Degree
ARTS 291-003
CRN#36704 online
Working Your Arts Degree is a decision-making course for individuals focusing on the process of education and career & professional planning. Through exploration of various educational, career and professional options students will identify paths suitable to their strengths and interests and emerge from the course with a plan for their continuing education, their profession, or both.

Primarily, the course is intended for students that may be undecided about their major or professional plans after graduation. The course will incorporate numerous reflection essays and exploratory assignments intended to help with the career and professional exploration process, resume writing, and preparation for interviewing. In the end, students will have created a resume and an artist statement aimed at helping them to continue the process outside of class.

What’s in a Museum
ARTS 291-901 CRN 36963
Online + 2 meetings
Wednesday, 8/30 and 9/27, 4:00-6:40pm
1 credit
Instructor: Chioke I’Anson

​I​n the age of mechanical reproduction, all who have sufficient access to communication technology have ready access to artistic works. Under these conditions, it strikes many as unnecessary or redundant to visit brick and mortar museums to witness original works of art firsthand.

This ​hybrid course will overturn that way of thinking. It is an investigation into the museum, its history and the ways that museums are relevant, even essential, for every modern citizen. By the end of the class, the student will have an understanding of the continuing magic of the museum as well as some conceptual tools for thinking about the artwork currently in your local gallery. This course will teach that art criticism is a fundamental part of critical thinking in general, and that contemplating the aesthetic can be a means of self improvement.

Topics: Drawing For Designers
GDES 491-002
CRN 32900
T/R 2:00–4:20
Pollak 315
3 cr
Instructor: Laura Chessin

The focus of this studio class is to explore drawing as a uniquely direct connection to one’s personal creative process. We will explore topics such as: drawing as kinesthetic activity, drawing as tool and mark-making, drawing as recording, drawing as language…

Classes will be structured as open exploratory workshop sessions, with weekly presentations and discussions, and fieldtrips as much as possible. Students are free to explore both traditional and non-traditional tools, both analog and digital processes.

Contact Improv
DANC 315-001 CRN: 11941
TR, 1:40-3:10
2 credits.
Instructor: John R. Kinter

Exploration of the technique of partnering and the exchange of weight in an improvisational format. Emphasis is on a shared process that explores gravity, lifting, and the give and take of body weight.

Intro to Modern Dance Technique II
DANC 184-901 CRN: 11926
TR, 5:10-6:40PM
Instructor: Starrene Foster

Must have dance experience and obtain permission from the instructor. Experiential introduction to basic movement principles, body alignment and the elements of modern dance.

Intro to Ballet Technique II
DANC 134-001 CRN: 22106
TR: 8:15am-9:45am
2 credits
Instructor: Susan Massey

Must have dance experience and obtain permission from the instructor. Further introductory study of the principles of ballet technique.