Volunteer With Heat Island Study (Ride Bikes With Gadgets)

Published on June 21, 2017

Jon Sheridan in Photography and Film (also know for the green wall on Broad and Belvidere) is looking for students willing to volunteer for a project he’s involved in this summer. Details from Jon are below.


My collaborative is looking for volunteers for what I think is an awesome project where students get to ride around the city on bikes collecting data and hang out at the new 6 Points Innovation Center.

How Hot Is Richmond (can we make it cooler) ?

The Sustain Lab (Arts, Engineering Biology) is collaborating on a Urban Heat Island study of RVA funded by the Virginia Academy Science, Groundwork Rva, and the School of Engineering.

See here for how urban heat island threatens underserved communities.

This is a top tier Climate Justice issue and we would love volunteers!

We need to take the city’s temperature during the high heat of the summer.

Get involved by joining one of our car or bike traverse teams during the field campaign in Richmond on July 12th-14th, 2017.

You will need a valid driver’s license and your own vehicle, (we are providing bikes), and be willing to meet for a short workshop at the 6 Points Innovation Center. If you are interested grab a friend and email Jon-Philip Sheridan (sheridanjpb@vcu.edu)

The Science Museum of Virginia is leading the project, and our partners include Groundwork RVA, Portland State University, the City of Richmond Office of Sustainability and the University of Richmond Spatial Analysis Lab.