Be a Research Assistant through Federal Work Study!

Published on August 9, 2016

I love that the university is engaging students that are awarded work study through their financial aid in this new way.  To learn more about this opportunity please read on.

UROP WSRA Flyer_Page_1 UROP WSRA Flyer_Page_2

Greetings Work Study students and potential future researchers! I just wanted to announce a new opportunity available to you to serve as undergraduate research assistants for your work study positions. When you log into HireVCURams to search for open positions, you will see a number of openings for “Work Study Research Assistants”. These positions give you the opportunity to conduct research in a wide variety of disciplines and projects under the guidance of faculty mentors on campus (and get paid for it!!).

Just a few words about research; you do not need to have previous research experience to apply for these positions. These are research exposure opportunities, so your faculty mentor will provide you with the appropriate training to prepare you to work on your project. You also do not need to be a major in the discipline in which you would like to do research. You just need to be interested in the project and be available during the week to contribute. Research is great experience to prepare you for application to graduate school or for a career in your chosen field. In fact, this experience makes you a very competitive applicant for a wide variety of future opportunities! Check out some VCU students talking about their research experiences HERE.

If you have any questions or concerns about these opportunities, feel free to contact Herbert Hill directly at