New Cross Disciplinary Courses For Fall 2016

Published on March 24, 2016

We know and love them!!!!  I wanted to roll this out to you ASAP, but the information isn’t yet complete, you’ll see several descriptions and location/times missing.  If you see an instructor listed, please reach out to them directly for questions regarding the course.  Additionally, here is the schedule to check out the most current date and time updates.  Any course with an ‘ARTS’ rubric can be found under the ‘ARTS-CROSS-DISCIPLINARY‘ subject.



FASH 401-003 CRN 30396: MOB Service Learning
Instructor: Kristin Caskey
M/W 2:10-4:30
Location TBA

The mOb Studio is an interdisciplinary, service-learning class which meets in a dedicated storefront studio at 205 East Broad Street. As a mOb student you become part of a working design office alongside faculty, peers, clients and professional mentors. Projects range from clothing co-operatives needing assistance, to a mayoral campaign, non-profits seeking identity and anything that we can dream up to make Richmond a better place. Please contact Kristin Caskey at kacaskey@vcu for more information or an override.

ARTS 291 sec-001: Building the Interwebs
Instructor: Andrew Ilnicki

M/W 12:00-1:50
The Depot Rm. 2003

Description TBA

ARTS 291: Drawing for Non-Majors
Instructor: Angela M.D. Allen
T/R 9:00-11:20
Franklin Terrace Rm. 403

Arts 291 is an introductory course in drawing from direct observation of specific references: visual analysis, surface, light and color, and structure and context. Through the repeated physical activity of drawing, student will develop the use of basic drawing concepts as well as explore various drawing media. The importance of observational drawing will be emphasized to facilitate the understanding of studio work.

ARTS 391-001: Programming for Artists
Instructors: Dan Resler and Peter Baldes
T/R 9:00-11:50
The Depot Rm. 2003

This will be an introductory course teaching computer programming and computational thinking using the Processing language. The course will be a combined lecture and studio course with critiques, projects, and quizzes. The course will be team-taught by Dan Resler (Computer Engineering) and Peter Baldes (Painting & Printmaking).

ARTS 391-002: Moving Image Beyond the Rectangle
Instructors: John Blatter and Matthew Wallin

M/W 1:00-3:20
The Depot Rm. 1010

Through a series of studies, experimentation and lectures, students will investigate new technologies in various immersive multimedia experiences in order to expand their understanding and experience with the moving image beyond the traditional rectangular screen. Technologies may include: 360 degree projection, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, multi-channel audio and others.

ARTS 391-003: The Art of Darkness; Perspectives on African
American Contemporary Art
Instructor:  Dr. Brandi Summers

This seminar is designed to offer students the opportunity to explore multiple representations and discourses of blackness in contemporary visual art, produced by African diasporic artists. To do so, we will discuss and analyze the works of artists such as Lorna Simpson, Faith Ringgold, Carrie Mae Weems, Mickalene Thomas, Kara Walker, Glen Ligon, Adrian Piper, Wangechi Mutu, Toyin Odutola, Hank Willis Thomas, and Kehinde Wiley.

ARTS 391-901: RVA Cultural Passport
Instructor: John Freyer
T 5:30-7:30
The Depot

The VCUarts Cultural Passport seminar will explore the diversity of visual and performing arts in the Richmond area. Part art appreciation, part community engagement; students will attend twelve art events though the course of the Spring semester and will help generate a listing of top cultural events on and off campus for the current and following semesters. Students will also attend events together leveraging social media to check in and cross promote selected events and lectures. This seminar will serve to introduce incoming students to the wealth of cultural events occurring both on and off campus and in turn will transform student participants into ambassadors for all things Art at VCU and in the greater Richmond area.

ARTS 391-005: Interdisciplinary Web Design
Instructor: Andrew Ilnicki
M/W 2:00-3:50
The Depot Rm. 2003

Description TBA

ARTS 491-002: CANAL at the Post Environmental Center

During this project based course students will be working off campus with The Post Environmental Center to develop art works that remediate the water quality and habitat of The Manchester Canal. The Post Environmental Center (PEC) is located directly between The James River and The Manchester Canal. In this unusual biodiverse setting, The PEC will be a place for an eco-transdisciplinary experience as students are pushed to explore discussions and orientations by foot, canoe, and drone. In this research and project based learning environment, new emergent practices of environmental art will be explored and applied to reconfigure the current state of The Manchester Canal into a transformative ecosystem.

ARTS 491-003: Letterpress Book Arts
Instructor: Jamie Mahoney
T/R 11:30-1:50
Pollak Rm. 309

Letterpress Book Arts introduces students to the field of artists’ books and the basic skills of designing, typesetting, printing, and binding books by hand. Both conceptual and practical skills in book construction in which text and image convey meaning are emphasized.

ARTS 491-901: Art and Medicine

The overall goal of this class is to deepen the students understanding of the connection between art and medicine. It will do this by providing the resources for students to use art as a potential way to augment the practice of medicine. Utilizing these skills and techniques learned in this class, students will envision a project that combines art and medicine based on current needs of medical professionals.