Career Series #5: How to Network with LinkedIn University Pages

Published on October 1, 2015

You all have no idea how much I use LinkedIn in my daily professional life.  Probably daily.  Just the other day I hooked an alumna up with a killer job because I could find her on LinkedIn.  I use it as a background check for people from the community that want me to share opportunities with students.  It’s fantastic, and at the end of the day, social capital is one of the most important things you can have to find a job, freelance, or move forward with your professional life.  Thanks so much to Jeanette for creating this post below.  I’ll connect with you once you’re up and running.



LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest social networks and one of the most under-utilized by college students. Recently, LinkedIn has stepped up their game with their University Pages feature. This powerful search tool lets you find in connect with other VCU students and alumni.

OK, so most social networks allow this. LinkedIn takes it a step further. Let’s say you’re dying to move to Chicago and find an awesome job in advertising, University Pages lets you find VCU alumni living in Chicago who work in advertising and then easily connect with them.

Check our quick tutorial on how to use this networking shortcut then check out the university pages feature.

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