Join a Committee for the Amendment Literary Journal

Published on September 11, 2015

Amendment is ON IT.  I spent a lot of time sifting through back copies of the journal (I’m so sorry if you are reading this and have an unanswered question in my inbox) but it’s hard to stay focused sometimes with so much inspiring (and beautiful) stuff .  Want to be part of preventing me from staying on task by being involved in Amendment?  All you need to know is below.


My name is Rachel Visser, and I’m the art director for the Amendment Literary Journal ( We would love to have more members on our art committee. Here is the description of what the art committee does:

This committee collects and critiques submitted art works from our contributors. We help determine what art works will be published in the book, the zine and/or online. This committee also assists contributors in improving their submissions and encourages staff, contributors and supporters to continue to write and submit their works to be critiqued. This committee also determines the design of our published works, in cooperation with the SMC in-house design team. Members of this committee are also encouraged to submit their own work.

We actually have four committees, and people are welcome to join more than one.

Schedules for Amendment’s Committees:
– Literary Committee Meeting: Mondays at 4:30pm
– Art Committee Meeting: Fridays at 4pm
– Online Committee Meeting: Tuesdays at 7:30pm
– Outreach Committee Meeting: Saturdays at 4pm

Committee Coordinators are:
– Provisional Literary Editor and Editor-in-Chief: Brittney Maddox (
– Art Director: Rachel Visser (
– Provisional Online Editor and Executive Editor: Cyrus Nuval (
– Outreach Coordinator: Kathryn Novelli (

Meetings are all at the Student Media Center (817 W. Broad St) on the second floor (but we meet downstairs first). Questions about Membership can be sent to