Graduate School Mentorship Program: Mentee Application due Sept 1st @ 4pm

Published on August 21, 2015

2015-2016 Graduate School Mentorship Program Announcement and Call for Mentee Applications

The Graduate School is pleased to announce a call for applications to the 2015-2016 Graduate School Mentorship Program (GSMP). The GSMP matches undergraduate and graduate students in mentoring relationships in order to expose undergraduate students to the graduate experience as they consider further study and to provide graduate students with the opportunity to develop mentoring skills as they share their own personal experiences with the undergraduate students in the program. Students are matched based on areas of academic discipline and/or interest. Students interested in being matched with a specific student must both indicate this preference on their applications.

Undergraduate Student Mentee Applicants:

Preference is given to applicants going into their sophomore, junior or senior years. Undergraduates are expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 throughout the duration of the program. Interested undergraduate students should access the application via the GSMP website:


4:00pm on September 1, 2015.