Now is Your Chance! Fall 2014 Courses for Non-Majors!

Published on May 2, 2014

Communication Arts:

One section of Visual Studies: Drawing in the Dept of Comm Arts is now open to non-majors. Just email our Program Coordinator, Deborah Van Buren, for an override Info Below:

COAR 200 Sec 003 #16628
Meets Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-11:50AM



Open to School of the Arts by request or with permission:
APPL 200 sections 001 – 028 Applied Lessons
APPM 357 University Band
APPM 359 Choral Arts Society
MHIS 110 Elements of Music
MHIS 120 Introduction to World Musical Styles
MHIS 243 Music Appreciation
MHIS 244 Experiencing Music
MHIS 250 Introduction to African-American Music
MHIS 291 Topics in Music
MHIS 321 Music History I
MHIS 322 Music History II
MHIS 324 Jazz History
MHIS 350 Studies in the Music of the African Continent and Diaspora
MHIS 380 Survey of Music Industry
MHIS 420 Chamber Music Literature Through 1800
MHIS 421 Chamber Music Literature Since 1800
MHIS 422 The History of the Symphony
MHIS 423 Tone Poems and Concert Overtures
MHIS 424 The History of American Musical Theatre
MHIS 425 Opera History

Open to School of the Arts majors based upon preliminary assessment of student:

APPM 355 Orchestra
APPM 356 Symphonic Winds
APPM 358 Commonwealth Singers
APPM 360 Jazz Orchestra
APPM 361 Small Jazz Ensemble
APPM 363 Flute Choir
APPM 364 Guitar Ensemble
APPM 367 Piano Ensemble
APPM 368 Woodwind Ensemble
APPM 369 Percussion Ensemble
APPM 371 String CHamber Music
APPM 372 Brass Ensemble
APPM 378 Women’s Chorus
MHIS 145 Theory and Aural Skills I
MHIS 146 Theory and Aural Skills II