Critical Add/Drop Information

Published on August 23, 2012

Hello Undergraduates!
Again welcome back.  Another quick email to let you know about some of the nitty gritty deadlines you’re about to face.
As a reminder, add/drop is the first seven calendar days of a semester, (Fall 2012 add/drop and late registration is August 23-29) 
This is how it works:
Wednesday August 29th is the last day to add/drop courses.
Please check in with eServices, print out your schedule, and make sure that every course you are attending is on your schedule. 
You can not attend a course that is not on your schedule.
Do you have an override for a course?
Paper overrides are no longer accepted in Harris Hall.  Overrides are now granted electronically.  Speak to your instructor about the process.  Once you are granted an electronic override, you must go into eServices and add the course with the CRN after signing in with your username and password.  The deadline for 
you to add a course via an electronic override is August 29.
Not sure about the difference between dropping and withdrawing from a course? 

ADD/DROP is from August 23-29
If you remove a course from eServices  by August 29th this is called a DROP.   The course will be removed from your schedule, (and transcript) and will be excluded from your course load in Financial Aid. 
LAST DAY TO WITHDRAW  is November 2, after midterms:  
After August 29th, if you decide you no longer want to be in a course, you must WITHDRAW.  If you withdraw from a course after August 29th it will stay on your transcript with a “W” next to the title.  You will have to pay for the course according to the student accounting guidelines here: 
All of these important dates (along with many others, including school closings!) are listed in the academic calendar        
Good luck to all of you and have an amazing, inspiring semester!

Jody Symula |  Director of Student Services
School of the Arts |  Virginia Commonwealth University
phone: 804.828.9313  |  facsimile: 804.828.6469