Opportunities to serve in student government

Published on April 11, 2012

Dear Students,
Your Student Government is trying to find viable candidates to fulfill student representation spots on university committees. Here are a list of committees along with their corresponding descriptions. If you are interested in any of these positions, please email Jae Lee at leejw9@vcu.edu with which committees you are interested in along with your resume  by Friday April 13th before 11:59pm. No later responses will be taken. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

University Council
 The University Council, a representative body of faculty, classified staff, students and administrators was established to communicate its views on university-wide issues to those exercising authority over the institution. Successful candidates will have a sophomore or higher standing and will have been in some campus activity. Candidates must be able to articulate the concerns and needs of the student population at large. An understanding of University structure, policies and procedures is preferred. 
Intercollegiate Athletics Committee This is a position for a student with an understanding of the issues associated with intercollegiate athletics, i.e. NCAA regulations, fees, etc. VCU student athletes are represented on this committee, so the candidates need not be a participant in VCU athletics. 
Monroe Park Campus Honor CouncilThis board hears the cases involving charges of academic dishonesty. The student will need to be available for training and will need to have a flexible schedule when cases are to be heard. An alternate is selected to assist the student representative if he/she is unable to attend the hearing. 
University Rules and Procedures Hearing Board This board hears the cases of persons charged with violating the University’s Rules and Procedures. The representative will need to be available for training on an as-needed basis as hearings are scheduled. An alternate is selected to assist the student representative if he/she is unable to attend a hearing. 
University Rules and Procedures Appeal BoardThis board hears the appeals of the Rules and Procedures Board and the Academic Campus Honor Council. This board meets as needed. 
Special Awards CommitteeThis committee is empowered by the Board of Visitors to review nominations for commencement speakers and honorary degrees, the Wayne medal and Presidential Medallion recipients. Students who are familiar with these awards are preferred. 
Student Activities Advisory Committee (SAAC)This committee, SAAC, is charged with providing advice and consultation to the staff within the University Student Commons and Student Activities on all matters related to the fair and equitable administration of Students Activities/University Student Commons offices, programs, services, and facilities as well as general discussion regarding the quality of student life on campus. 
Student Media CommissionThe SMC aims to provide a fair and equitable system of allocating VCU Academic Campus student activities fees to the student media serving the Academic Campus and to protect the First Amendment rights of student media as well as the rights of students who subscribe to the student media. 
Executive Budget CommitteeThis committee concentrated on university-wide strategies, priorities and financial allocations. It recommends a biennial budget and as appropriate, an annual update to the university operating budget. 
Student Health Services SubcommitteeSub-committee of the Executive Budget Committee that will evaluate budget and pricing structure as it relates to student health issues. 
Auxiliary Enterprise SubcommitteeSub-committee of the Executive Budget Committee that will 1) Review the base budgets of all auxiliary enterprise programs (I.e. housing, parking, bookstore) over the next two years and make recommendations as to the appropriate base of level support; 2) Evaluate the level of operating reserves; 3) Identify E & G program receiving benefits from auxiliary enterprise and quantify the value of those services. 
Affirmative Action 504 Advisory CommitteeThis committee reviews various issues in the areas of affirmative action and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which confront the university. 
Recreational Sports Advisory CommitteeNineteen member advisory committee meets monthly during the academic year; advises and consults on matters related to the Siegal Center, Cary Street Recreational Complex, the Outing Rental Center, and other programs. 
VCU Libraries Advisory CommitteeThe VCU Libraries Advisory Committee advocates the central role of the VCU Libraries in the academic enterprise and the University’s obligation to support fully that role. The Committee advises the Provost and the University Librarian, VCU Libraries, in areas related to library policy, planning, and operations:
• On the formulation of library policy in relation to allocating and prioritizing internal and external resources for instruction and research;
• On the allocation of library space;
• On the establishment of library hours;
• On the development of an overall library program advancing research and instruction for the institution as a whole.
Intercollegiate Athletic Council Sixteen members meet quarterly to help VCU develop and maintain a quality intercollegiate athletic program that is consistent with the primary academic purposes of the institution. 
University Substance Abuse Committeeconducting the biennial review of VCU’s AOD prevention programs to determine program effectiveness and provide recommendations for changes to the program if needed; and to ensure that the disciplinary actions described in university AOD policy ( VCU Alcohol and Drug Policy) are consistently and fairly enforced,
1. submitting a report to the Provost that includes recommendations for strengthening VCU’s prevention programs and disciplinary procedures,
2. assisting with the implementation of the approved recommendations by consulting with appropriate academic or administrative units,
3. overseeing the VCU Alcohol and Drug Policy revisions as needed, with input from other university organizations, including the Faculty Senate, Student Government Association, and Human Resources,
4. tracking progress toward the goals outlined in the ” Foundational Plan to Reduce Illegal and Harmful Alcohol and other Drug Use at VCU ” that addresses recommendations from the VCU Attorney General’s Task Force to reduce illegal and binge drinking on campus. The Foundational Plan was written in 1998 and approved by the Board of Visitors January 29, 1999. The committee reviews this plan annually and reports findings to the Provost. 
Student Health Advisory CommitteeThis group is the administrative liaison between the student community and USHS. The members are staff, faculty, and students from both campuses. Responsibilities include selecting the insurance policy for sponsorship by the University and attendance at monthly luncheon meetings for discussion of issues related to USHS and health education. 
Student Government Vice-President Position This position requires time commitment at specifically Monday 4pm-5:30pm and Friday 1pm-3:30pm. This position entails running Student Senate Meetings, participating in multiple university committees, and attend to any needs of the SGA President.

Please email Jae Lee at leejw9@vcu.edu with the positions/committees you are interested in along with your resume by Friday April 13th at 11:59pm. No later responses will be taken.


Best Regards,
Jae Lee
Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity Recording Secretary
VCU Student Government Vice-President/ President Elect
Virginia Commonwealth University (2013) Pre-Dental/Biology