More cross-disciplinary courses: Summer and fall

Published on April 11, 2012

Feminist And Queer Theoretical Approaches To Contemporary Visual Art
Fall 2012
27375 WMNS 491 002 3 credits
TR 11:00 am-12:15 pm
Sandra Burke (P) 01/17-05/05 HIBBS 0262

This class will examine a selection of contemporary artworks and look to understand their intersection with gender and sexuality, as well as race, class, and nationality. We will analyze the work in the context of feminist, queer, and art theoretical texts and will consider these key texts in relation to the potential of artistic practice to address issues of knowledge production, alternate subjectivities, power, and resistance. The reading assignments for this course reflect a range of scholarship produced by artists, critics, and theorists. Through these readings, along with discussion, class presentations, and the examination of primary source material, we will explore issues of representation, identity, the body, and political agency.

Video/Choreography Workshop
Fall 2012
DANC 320Monday and Wednesday 4:50-6:20 PMVCU Dance Center Basement3 Credits
28642A course designed to encourage collaboration across disciplines in the School of the ArtsTaught by Martha Curtis and Bruce BerryhillExploration of the hybrid art form of videodance Exploration of the moving image in video, film, and danceEspecially relevant for students in the Departments of Dance, Film, Kinetic Imagery, Cinema, Sculpture!For override contact Martha Curtis at mcurtis@vcu.eduInclude in your inquiry the reason you want to enroll in the course.

Bruce Berryhill and Martha Curtis have co directed award winning videodance works that have been broadcast nationally on PBS, and distributed internationally. Bruce Berryhill is also a documentary film maker who works with PBS, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond Jazz Society and many other arts and cultural organizations. Martha Curtis, a full professor, was the Chair of VCU Dance for ten years and in addition to her work in video, is active nationally as a choreographer, and master teacher. Their recent documentary Restaging Shelter was screened at Lincoln Center in January 2012 as part of the New York Dance on Camera Festival, also broadcast on PBS, and has been nominated for a Remi Award from the Houston Worldfest International Festival.

Conceptual Painting
Fall 2012
PAPR 491-001
T/Th 9-11:40am
Room 330 FAB, 1000 West Broad Street
Instructor:  Richard Roth
For more information, contact
Course Description:
Painting today is a philosophical endeavor as well as a physical activity involving the application of paint to a rectangle. At the beginning of the 21st century, the question “What is a painting?” elicits numerous responses. This studio course will serve as a survey of the issues that reside at the intersection of painting and conceptual art. Attention will be paid to how these theories reflect the worldview of their time. The ideas will be explored through conceptual painting projects. Students will be exposed to relevant contemporary theory and will engage those ideas through studio projects, discussion, reading and assigned presentations. Conceptual Painting will provide the student with the means to explore our contemporary conception of painting and to create work based on this knowledge. While this course will provide experience with a specific aspect of contemporary painting, more importantly it is expected to also provide insight into the nature of art’s expansion into realms theoretical, philosophical, and experimental.

IDES 103
Summer 2012
June 11 – August 1
M/W 3-5:40pm, Pollak 411
2 credits
Instructor:  Christian M. Addis-Gutierrez
Its’ not like you see on HGTV!  This course is an introduction to the complex and multifaceted field of interior design, for non-interior design majors.  It will include basic design elements, principles and practices, design projects, design history and related architectural background material.

IDES 491 / 591: TOPICS –
Summer 2012
May 21 – June 21, 2012
2 or 3 Credits    Undergrad or Grad


Visiting Professor Peter Hodson will be back for his 18th summer at VCUarts Interior Design.  Learn the basics of how to design in the Classical style – when clients ask for it, you will have an extra set of design or presentation skills to offer them.

·        Fit the class “open studio” format around your personal summer work/internship class schedule – start/attend/finish when you want.

·        You will be given set drawing exercises (CAD or by hand as you wish) to do in your own time.

·        The instructor will be available on a regular basis in his Pollak Building studio, or by individual appointment to suit your schedule.

For more info: Rob Smith ( or Professor Hodson at or by cell (after May 8th) on (804) 221-8585

Studies in Film: Master Directors
Summer 2012
ARTH 474-001  CRN #10254
Instructor:  Michael Jones
May 21-June 8
M-F 9am-12pm
3 credits

Course Description:
An examination into the styles and themes in the films of Howard Hawks (U.S.), Robert Bresson (FR.), Francois Truffaut (FR.), Bernardo Bertolucci (ITAL.) and Quentin Tarantino (U.S.).  Daily screenings, lectures, readings.  Open to all VCU students, if unable to register, email for an override.