da Vinci Center for Innovation application OPEN

Published on March 26, 2012

Dear Sophomores and Juniors,

Please see the message below from Seth Caskey at the da Vinci Center.  If you’re interested in participating in their program, the application and more info can be found below.
Have a great one!

Jody Symula |  Director of Student Services
School of the Arts |  Virginia Commonwealth University
phone: 804.828.9313  |  facsimile: 804.828.6469

—– Forwarded by Jody L Symula/FS/VCU on 03/26/2012 10:20 AM —–

Learn & Do Innovation 
The VCU da Vinci Center for Innovation is currently accepting applications for participation in its INNO 460: the da Vinci Project Course during the 2012 fall semester.
This unique opportunity is open to all undergraduate juniors and seniors in the Schools of Arts, Business and Engineering. INNO 460 is an interactive, interdisciplinary, team-based course experience in the area of product innovation. Students work on a real-life product innovation problem sponsored by a company (or organization). 

More information about the da Vinci Center can be found our website—www.davincicenter.vcu.edu.
The INNO 460 application is available online: http://www.davincicenter.vcu.edu/the-work/
Deadline: MONDAY, APRIL 2
Seth W. Caskey
Program Coordinator, da Vinci Center for Innovation
Snead Hall, Rm. B4101
804-828-7188 | swcaskey@vcu.edu | @VCUdaVinci