Update from VMFA and congratulations to 2 students!

Published on March 15, 2012

Dear Undergraduates,

I emailed you on 2/21 (you can see it in my blog below) about TAG, a fun competition where you get to write a wall tag about a work of art in the museum.
The deadline has been extended to March 31st, so you still have time to visit the museum and get inspired!
Information on Tag is here:

ALSO, congratulations to CATHERINE YOUNG KYUNG KIM (sculpture) and STEPHEN WONZY (photo/film).  Their portfolios were chosen as “best of’ and are featured on the website:
Nice job, Catherine and Stephen!

Jody Symula |  Director of Student Services
School of the Arts |  Virginia Commonwealth University
phone: 804.828.9313  |  facsimile: 804.828.6469