Last day to withdraw 3/23

Published on March 9, 2012

Hello Undergrads!
Last day to withdraw from a course with a mark of “W” on your transcript is Friday March 23!  If you are registered for a course you do not want to complete, or can not complete successfully, please withdraw.  
If you are unsure about your progress in a course, I advise you to consult with your instructor as soon as possible.  Many instructors (especially those that teach 100 and 200 level courses) opt to participate in early alert (AKA midterm) grading.  Early alert grades may be posted as late as midnight on 3/23.  To see if you have courses with midterm (early alert grades) posted, look at your transcript on eServices.
Do you have a hold on your account?  Go to Harris Hall in person to withdraw!  They close at 4:30, so go early!!!
***I also strongly advise you to look at your course schedule on eServices.  Make absolute complete sure that you are attending every course that you are registered for.  Make note of the section number.  If you see a course on your schedule that you have not been attending, or not aware of, withdraw immediately!  It does happen!***
Have an amazing spring break!