Sonya Clark Scheduled to Perform at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

VCUarts Distinguished Research Fellow Sonya Clark is scheduled to perform “Unraveling” at PAFA on Nov. 4.

To create “Unraveling,” Clark starts with an intact Confederate flag and deconstructs a portion of the cloth. Her performance is Nov. 4 at PAFA. The action is part of A Forum on Art and the Election, a weekend of events hosted by the museum. The organizers are posing the following question: “In our current political climate, what is the role and responsibility of artists in responding to a nation divided?”

The performance is a slow, thoughtful, and deliberative community action. “In an hour we don’t even get through half an inch of unraveling. It takes a long time,” Clark says in the podcast.

Read the full article in Culture Type.

Photo: In September, PAFA acquired “Unraveling” (2015-ongoing) by Sonya Clark. The artist is deconstructing (or “unraveling”) the Confederate flag on Nov. 4. Credit via Sonya Clark for Culture Type. 


October 20, 2017