Sonali Gulati Receives Creative Capital Grant

imageSonali Gulati, Associate Professor of Photography and Film, has received a 2012 Creative Capital grant in Film/Video for work on a nontraditional documentary uncovering the underground medical industry of “curing” homosexuality in India.

Creative Capital is a premier provider of risk capital in the arts. In the past year, Creative Capital has re-invigorated its grantmaking process to emphasize the importance of risk-taking: taking chances on projects that are singularly bold, innovative, genre-stretching and of this moment; ideas of scope and ambition expressed through audacious combinations of form and content; varied projects that engage or even create new technologies; and works that take traditional approaches into new territories, teaching us something new about the world and ourselves.

Creative Capital received a total of 3,247 submissions from artists in all 50 states for the 2012 grants in Visual Arts and Film/Video. Over the course of nine months, nearly 100 arts professionals and artists from across the country served as readers, evaluators and panelists to review the submissions and select the 46 projects from the 2012 class of grantees.


January 19, 2012