Solo Performance Program Fall 2020


We’re Going On A Journey…and It’s Gonna Be a Good One

a series of solo performances pieces” in progress”

poster design by Drewe Goldstein

A story is impelled by the necessity to reveal itself, therefore a story can have nothing to hide; at least not intentionally. There is no resolution to a story. The aim of the story is revelation in what we make of the questions with which the story leaves us. Plot on the other hand answers all questions it pretends to pose.”

– James Baldwin

A note from Dr. T:

Each solo performer created a solo piece that includes—as a part of their assignment requirements—story, the poetic, strong movement, music/sound. They have been created using a methodology called Ritual Poetic Drama that uses rite of passage moments as the basis and foundation for the material used to devise the pieces used in performance. The performer, the instrument or vessel in this story model by “living the story” as if it is presently happening, and the audience is invited to witness these transformative events rather than playing the “traditional role” of the spectator. All material used is original as created by the performers.

PART ONE: Monday November 29th @ 7:00pm


written and performed by CALIE BAIN

Sometimes, the things we need to see the most are what we left hiding under our bed….UNDER MY BED is a playful, indulgent dustbowl dance through girlhood and what’s next to come.  

Search for a Voice

written and performed by Trevor Lawson

 We take a glimpse through pivotal Rite of Passage moments in Trevor’s life that have shaped him and made him into the person he is today. Through events with his mother and the insightfully funny stories of his father, you see that pain and struggle were always ever-present, but laughter could always be found right around the corner. Search for a Voice is a tale about the journey we all subconsciously take to find our True Selves actualized while life’s unpredictability tries to take us from that path.

Soul Mate Debate

written and performed by Jet Jameson

 This piece is dedicated to my momma, who taught me how to believe, even when she couldn’t. 

This piece is dedicated to Lennon, who changed all my definitions. 

But mostly, this piece is for the girl who spent too many hours in rehearsal, in dance class, they were all worth it.

Death of a Lie

written and performed by Jalen Thurman

 [I don’t know what to say. I hope it speaks for itself]


PART TWO: Tuesday November 30th @ 7:00pm

That Isn’t Very Pretty

written and performed by Trinitee Pearson

Sometimes life is just that. Not very pretty.


Blueberry Pancakes

written and performed by Mitchell Ashe

What happens to a room when the paint starts to chip?

When the paint starts to chip and you can see the drywall.

That ugly, weak, drywall that contains the corroded wires and moldy pipes.

Wires and pipes that once flowed so smoothly, carrying to the room all it’s wants and needs. 

What happens when wants and needs change?



written and performed by Kat McMahan

A piece about coming into womanhood


Look at Me, I Mean Really Look at Me

written and performed by Asjah Janese Heiligh

A piece about mothers, their children, and the cycle of life. 

Special thanks to my Mom and Junie. 


We are grateful to the following people for their technical support of the Solo Performances

Crimson Piazza – Production Stage manager

Deryn Gabor –  Light Design

Jason Burns- Light Board Operator

Issac Baron- Video Camera Operator

Drewe Goldstein- Poster Design

Sarah Moore- Theatre VCU Publicity

Deejay Grey- Artistic Director of Theatre Lab