All VCUarts social media accounts should prioritize building positive conversations about our school by sharing our stories and respectfully engaging with our audiences. At the same time, it’s important for all social media administrators at VCUarts to maintain a singular and consistent voice. We must be mindful of maintaining consistent, current and accurate branding, and using a voice and visual identity that meets VCU and VCUarts’ standards and best practices.


When creating content, you should always keep your primary and secondary audience in mind:

  • Prospective students and families
  • The VCUarts community (current students, faculty, staff and alumni)
  • Alumni
  • Donors
  • The greater Richmond community

Why should we use social media?

We use our social media channels to promote ourselves and to show and tell the VCUarts story. We post an opportunity or an upcoming event our viewers may be interested in and we want to share the stories of our community with prospective student who want to learn more about the types of people and work coming out of VCUarts.