Some channels are better suited for different types of content and audiences. Choose a channel that is the best fit for your department or program, your goals and your target audience. Here are a few channels and what they’re best suited for:

Image focused: Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr
Video focused: YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram
Discussion focused: Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In

It’s easy to become “a poster of events,” but the most successful social media engages and invites conversation. Those in charge of your social channels should look to include content that has not already been shared in other places. Department and program social media outlets should re-tweet or share your peers’ posts. Boosting the main channel or other department’s channels can only result in a positive outcome (and reciprocation). Remember, social media is a conversation. Avoid talking at your subscribers; engage with them.

Need help establishing your goals for social? Reach out to the VCUarts social media team.