Shawn Brixey: scientist, artist, inventor and dean

After nearly a year as the dean of VCUarts, Shawn Brixey continues to draw on his knowledge in arts, design, science and engineering to pioneer a dynamic, cross-disciplinary future for the school.

“[VCU] is such an extraordinary institution whose DNA is wonderfully founded on the cores of a strong medical school and a renowned art school, which help form the cornerstones of our greatness,” he said. “And at VCU rather than sitting on our laurels, waving to one another from our positions of institutional ranking, we organically come together and continually ask, ‘What does it look like if we join forces and address issues collectively, collaboratively?’ … We’re all active, integrated partners in this extraordinary enterprise to discover new knowledge.”

Creativity, nimbleness and resilience have become some of the most important assets at any university, Brixey said, and with this in mind he believes universities need to move the national conversation concerning the arts away from thinking of art schools as jewels in the crown.

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Image: After two semesters at VCU, Shawn Brixey sees the School of the Arts in the position of upholding a large legacy, while at the same time projecting into the future. Photo illustration by Allen Jones and Matthew Phillips, University Relations. Credit via VCU News.


June 18, 2018