Taylor Davis and Nicole Cherubini

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 12:15pm

VCU Student Commons Theater

“Taylor Davis and Nicole Cherubini are both established sculptors who are making important contributions to the field today. Since  2006 they have been making works together under the name Davis, Cherubini—their two surnames separated by a comma (to read more like a list than as an independent author.)  As independent artists they shared a way of working with materials and forms derived from functional arts. In many cases Davis’s works appear to have been built by a woodworker, while Cherubini often works with vessel-like forms and uses clay among other materials to conjure iconic images of pots.

Davis and Cherubini showed at the same gallery but did not know each other. The first night they met they decided to make these works and devised the basic form of this experiment in collaboration.

Objects are transferred between Davis’s Boston and Cherubini’s Brooklyn studios.  Only one round of exchange per sculpture is performed; one starts, the other finishes.   Cherubini explains, “There are numerous conversations, pictures and changes a sculpture endures. We want to view how the other sees these forms. We want to understand more about the ‘thing’ we have passed on.”  And as Davis says, “It has to do with trust. Nicole can make it happen. I can make it happen. There is a deep pleasure in relinquishing the ‘It’s done’ to another person.” The artist who completes the piece gets to title it.”

Taylor Davis’ Work
Nicole Cherubini’s Work

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