Tavares Strachan


Tavares Strachan, originally of Nassau, Bahamas, holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design (2003) as well as an MFA from Yale University (2006), and has received numerous awards of recognition since 1998. His installations…incite discussion of two very political and timely issues—on one hand, the power of natural phenomena, including climatic and edaphic events, symbiotic interdependence, balance within homeostatic systems; and, on the other hand, man’s relationship to nature, that is, his antagonistic struggle against it, his efforts to collapse distance and space, and his myopic pursuit of progress at the planet’s expense. Strachan eschews the coldness adopted by other conceptual artists, instead creating installations that speak not only to our intellectual interests, but to our emotional concerns, our feelings of loneliness, desire, and loss.

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