Paul Ramirez Jonas

Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 5pm

VCU Student Commons Theater

“…I think of my artworks and projects as monuments. I call them monuments in so far that they are made with the awareness that they are being made for a public. Likewise, as in most monuments, I am not interested in conveying my interior life, biography or to push forward a private sense of aesthetics -rather I am interested in articulating shared stories and histories. More pointedly I seek to find a way to make room in the story for the viewer. For this reason I have been increasingly interested working with and transforming different forms of public art and public symbols. One of my chief intents is to find a way to merge the intimacy provided by the one on one relationship viewers have with art objects, with the one to many nature of monuments. With this intent in mind I have been making sculptures that use the form of the key to the city, the equestrian monument, and the commons; but I have informed these forms with my experience as a maker of exhibition based work.”  a selection from

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