Ohad Meromi

Monday, March 25, 2013 at 4pm

VCU Student Commons Theater

“The term ‘stage’ as a locus of special dynamics is central to my practice in sculpture, installation and video. I’m drawn to the shift a space might undergo from a concrete site to a fictional one. Thought of in the context of the social sphere, I’m interested in this moment of agency, a moment of potent reflexivity where the subject changes its relationship to an oppressive matrix. Thinking of architecture as stage allows me to read modernist space as a fiction, and then to reenact some of its myths: clashes of futurism and primitivism, international style and ethnic folklore, totalitarianism and utopic positivism.”

text from: foundationforcontemporaryarts.org/grant_recipients/ohadmeromi.html
image from: harrislieberman.com