Melissa Dubbin

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 11:00 am

Sculpture Crit Room #1: 1000 W. Broad St. Richmond, VA

What is the Anthropocene, and does it matter? What is the story of matter in the Anthropocene?

The Anthropocene is interesting for artists to consider in that it provides a framework for inquiry. If art making is a mode of inquiry, one that produces knowledge- what kinds of knowledges and modes of transmission can thinking with the Anthropocene produce? In the Anthropocene matter itself becomes an agent of the story, and suddenly a lot of the stories we used to tell each other become a little bit different. This talk will present this topic and some of the issues surrounding its emergence in the arts in recent years.

Melissa Dubbin is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Together with artist Aaron S. Davidson, she has co-authored a body of works producing forms, objects, images and experiences, equally incorporating the mediums of photography, video, sound, performance, sculpture and artists books since they began working together in 1998. Their practice draws largely from the vocabulary surround the geometries of stereophonic sound and binocular vision.

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