Math Bass

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 at 4:00 pm

​VCUarts Depot​: ​​814 West Broad St, Richmond, VA​

Math Bass (b. 1981) began her career primarily as a performance artist, but has since expanded her practice to include painting, sculpture, and video. Bass, who explores a myriad of themes in her work, is broadly interested in playing with the tension between movement and containment. Her compositions feature ambiguous content, lending themselves to different interpretations of the same image. In the well-known painting series “Newz!,” Bass employs the symbols and colors of sign systems to create a visual lexicon of her own.*

Bass recent solo exhibitions include “Off The Clock” at MoMA PS1 (New York), “Lies Inside” at Overduin & Co. (Los Angeles), and “Bloomies” at Michael Jon & Allen (Miami). Bass has also been included in shows at The Pit (Glendale), The Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), and Tanya Leighton (Berlin).