Folkert DeJong

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 at 12:15pm

VCU Student Commons Theater

Folkert de Jong creates chaotic figurative scenes using polyurethane foam and paint. His works convey an uncanny and dreamlike quality where the perverse collides with the familiar. His installations are influenced by such artists as George Grosz, Otto Dix and James Ensor, like them, evoking both humor and violence. Through exploring the more disruptive and disturbing side of the unconscious de Jong’s sculptural characters appear at times brutal, playful, mutilated, hybridized, power-crazed or deranged.

Folkert de Jong was born in Alkmaar, the Netherlands in 1972. He attended the Academy for Visual Arts, Amsterdam and the Rijksacademy for Visual Arts, Amsterdam and has held residencies in New York, the Netherlands, Norway, France and India.

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