Beverly Semmes

Monday, March 30, 2009 at 5pm

VCU Sculpture Department Crit Room 3

Beverly Semmes first won attention for her monumental dresses that powerfully invoke the female body. She merges a formal investigation of color, pattern, and texture with social commentary. Her fabric sculptures simulate and exaggerate such articles of attire as housedresses, ball gowns, and robes. By exaggerating the forms of clothing, Semmes draws attention to cultural stereotypes.

In addition, Semmes uses her work to ruminate on the question of craft: her use of fabric allows for her consideration of textiles as well as fashion. In addition, Semmes has a long track record of working with vessel forms in glass and ceramic.  Semmes was educated at Museum School and earned her MFA at Yale School of Art.

She is at VCU for the Spring ’09 semester teaching two courses, one at the graduate level and one at the undergraduate level.

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