Ann Agee

Friday, April 13, 2007 from 5pm - 6pm

School of the Arts Gallery; 1000 W. Broad St., 1st floor

Ann Agee’s installation, Boxing in the Kitchen, was first presented at P.P.O.W. Gallery in New York City in the fall of 2005.  From the gallery’s website:

The new work of Ann Agee continues to explore the temporal realities of her own life through ceramics.  In…Boxing in the Kitchen, Agee applies the classical dessert figurine in her depiction of adults engaging in play. She includes herself, family and friends among a cast of characters who dress in a carnvalesque array of costumes, masks and everyday attire.  Agee’s interest lays in the way one sheds their self-identity when dressed in costume and is consumed in imagination. She pinpoints the moments when one deviates beyond the accepted codes of adult behavior, often finding enlightenment through silly and absurd actions. Each hand-carved figure is involved in a world of existential fantasy where one can morph into a papier-mache Cyclops or simply sport a pair of boxing gloves for an aerobics workout and become a momentary Cassius Clay.

Agee’s terra cotta sculptures are reminiscent of Franz Anton Bustelli’s classical dessert figurines popular in the 18th Century. Bustelli’s figurines, which depict the characters of the Italian Comedy, would have been placed around long tables displaying the dessert course. Agee’s characters are familiar in style and technique to Bustelli’s, but are updated in contemporary garb. Each one of Agee’s vignettes dance around and between pink coral-like sculptures as the Harlequin or Columbine would have been placed around various cakes and custards. Agee’s objects and figurines are arranged on meticulously painted paper further accentuating the artist’s sheer delight is using classical decorative arts techniques in an autobiographical 21st century diorama.

Ann Agee is the recipient of several National Endowment of the Arts grants as well as the Tiffany Foundation Grant, and the New York Foundation for the Arts, Design Award. Agee has been included in numerous museum and gallery one person, group and public art projects.

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