Say Loss, Say Bounty

Gabriella Grill, Abigail Lucien, and Padma Rajendran

July 7 – August 4, 2018

Opening Saturday, July 7, 7-10pm

High Tide
1850 N. Hope St. Apt. 14a
Philadelphia, PA

High Tide is pleased to present works by Gabriella Grill, Abigail Lucien, and Padma Rajendran in Say Loss, Say Bounty. The artists activate specific space through material and temporal transformations, ushering their viewers into a new terrain. Grill, Lucien and Rajendran explore histories both collective and personal, where fabric, totems and techniques are subverted and repurposed, allowing the viewer to rethink their own connections to the material of the everyday.

Grill’s curtain-like structures, composed of cultivated material remnants, hinge on the point of deterioration. Her cairn sculptures function as surrogate landmarks, precariously stacked and pointing viewers to an unknown destination.

Lucien’s installations recall the familiar tension of a haven for the spaces found in domestic cityscapes: residential vs. commercial, outside vs. inside. Her intimate shelters allow the viewer to reflect on authenticity and isolated experience, colonialism and consumerism.

Rajendran’s works addresses the historical failure to acknowledge women’s work, and the physical deterioration of woman-made objects and spaces: textiles, food, and domestic interiors. In her sculptural textile pieces Rajendran draws on and examines these themes, thereby memorializing women’s labor.

Collectively, the artists commemorate and question the impermanence and malleability of identity, especially for women, and especially for female makers. They invite their viewers to embark on a celebratory process of exploration and escape within the third terrain.