Running Towards the Sun

Guadalupe Maravilla, Grace Rosario Perkins, and Efraín Rozas

July 10-August 5, 2018

Opening reception: Tuesday, July 10, 6-8pm

315 Gallery
312 Livingston Street
Brooklyn, NY

315 Gallery is pleased to present Running Towards the Sun, a group exhibitions featuring the work of Guadalupe Maravilla, Grace Rosario Perkins, and Efraín Rozas. The three artists create paintings, sculptures, and instruments that draw on both indigenous traditions and invented personal practices, in order to fortify and reorient the self amidst conditions of displacement and global capitalism. Hailing from El Salvador, New Mexico, and Peru, respectively, Maravilla, Perkins, and Rozas embrace ritual as a contemporary technology– one that can be made, and remade by individuals i response to immediate concerns. The exhibition’s title, which takes its name from a painting by Perkins, speaks to the generative, energetic life of their practices and their immeasurable, if capacious effects.