Macon Reed selected as 2018-19 A.I.R. Fellow

BFA alum Macon Reed is among the six A.I.R. Fellowship artists selected for 2018-19:

In 1993, the A.I.R. Fellowship Program was established by former A.I.R. artist Stephanie Bernheim. This curated Fellowship Program is designed to generate opportunities for emerging and underrepresented self-identified women artists, encourage new artistic practices and increase dialogue within A.I.R. and the greater art community. Each year a panel of experts selects the artists that will be awarded the fellowship. The 2018-2019 Fellowship panel included: Rujeko Hockley, Lia Gangitano, and Lisa Oppenheim.

The six A.I.R. Fellowship artists receive a solo exhibition at A.I.R. and lifelong support from the A.I.R. community. The artists selected for 2018-2019 fellowship are: Melanie Crean, Isabella Cruz-Chong, Kim Dacres, Macon Reed, Gabriela Vainsencher,​​​​​​​ and Zhiyuan Yang.