2019 Sculpture Senior Show

The 2019 Senior class of the VCU department of Sculpture + Extended Media is proud to present their Senior Show:

Featuring Carrie Adamson, Ember Ashley, Maddie Barger, Eric Borgogelli, Ellington Braun, Louie Bryant, Cat Buffington, Mikey Cabezas, Laura Cote, Anthony D’Angelo, Nicole Decena, Temple Glascock, Sophie Haulman, Abby Huston, Katie Lang, Jack Lundquist, Sana Masud, Ben Mattoon, Sierra McLeod, Joy McMillian, Ali Morgan, Josie Motes, Sam O’Neill, Peter Rylander, Julea Seliavski, Cassie Sheedy, Stefan SheerCook, Abigail Stuart, Jules Wright, Logan-Halle Wyatt, Neo Zhang, and Scarly Zhao.

Opening Reception
Friday, April 19, 2019

Closing Reception
Friday, April 26, 2019

3015 Cutshaw Avenue
Richmond, VA

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