Community News from Sculpture + Extended Media: January 2022

Anthony Iacono (MFA ’17) was featured by Marinaro at Art Basel Miami

Samuel Richardson (BFA ’20) showed with Richmond based Eden Airlines at Untitled Miami

Umico Niwa (MFA ’20) showed with Kristina Kite Gallery at NADA Miami

A. Rosenberg received the Undergraduate Juried Exhibition Distinction Award in Sculpture + Extended Media from the Anderson

Nick Fagan (BFA ’14) presented What’s Happening to Me? at Massey Klein in New York, NY

Doing Language: Word Work is a multi-part curatorial project at the ICA at VCU that commissioned five artists including agustine zegers (MFA ’19)—to generate new work in the form of editions and new media

Current BFA students Sarah Smith and Cleo Lewis presented The Intersections of Blackness, an exhibition united in Black identity and an exploration of their individual heritages through their relationship with being part of the African diaspora in the United States today, at The Anderson on campus