BOMB magazine reached out to sculpture alum Savannah Knoop (MFA ’16) to learn about the inspiration behind their latest show, Screens: A Project About “Community.”

Interdisciplinary artist Clifford Owens visited Knoop’s Brooklyn apartment and studio space, where they discussed East Village bathhouses, privacy screens, using newsprint in art making, and Knoop’s alter ego JT LeRoy.

Newsprint is such a great material, and I do feel like it could be gone in the next thirty years. I pulled out a mix of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and all local papers in different languages I could get my hands on. Each paper has its own color palette. Weaving it is like a gesture toward manipulating an anxiety toward current events. You take the news and you slice it into sections; you roll it up into little straws, and you attach it to itself. You take the information, the slew of data, and you make it material in order to manipulate it into a new form. The process is a bit like sewing in that you can listen or talk as you do it. It’s also very physical. I have to stand while I’m doing it. I have to be able to flip it!

Knoop’s solo exhibition Screens is open through Feb. 3 at Essex Flowers, New York.

Read the full interview in BOMB magazine.


January 30, 2019