Sasha Waters Freyer Documentary to Premiere at SXSW

Garry Winogrand: All Things Are Photographable, the first documentary film to cover the life and work of the influential street photographer, will premiere at the SXSW Film Festival, March 9–18. Produced and directed by Professor Sasha Waters Freyer, chair of Photography + Film, the film’s inaugural showing in Texas will be of special significance to her.

“To have this film selected for one of 10 highly competitive slots in the documentary competition at SXSW is a huge honor, made all the more special by the connection between Winogrand and Austin, Texas, home of SXSW,” Waters Freyer said.“Winogrand crisscrossed the country many times taking photographs across the United States, but it was to Austin that he moved for a teaching job at the University of Texas in 1973. The city was his home base until 1978, and even all these years later he is remembered as a larger-than-life teacher and presence around the city.”

Photography today, more than any other medium, shapes how we think about our world, Waters Freyer said. “All Things are Photographable” highlights images of a bygone era — from the New York of “Mad Men” and the early years of the women’s movement to the birth of American suburbs and the glamour and alienation of Hollywood — to discover what Winogrand’s pictures say about America in the 20th century, and to reveal how they might help us navigate the flood of images in the 21st, she said.

Read more about the documentary, Professor Waters Freyer and Garry Winogrand at VCU News.


February 7, 2018